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Best 3 Ulzzang Tomboy: Lee Tae Gyun 1

Best 3 Ulzzang Tomboy 

  Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Now, I wanna share to you all about another ‘types’ of Ulzzang. For now, lets see Best Ulzzang Tomboy. Before we go to the point of this post, I wanna ask, do you know Tomboy? If …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae): Do Hwe Ji

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae) 

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae). Hi Ulzzang Lovers! I wanna share you about Rank Of Ulzzang. “Rank Of Ulzzang”? Do ulzzangs have their own rank? No, it just my opinion hehe. I tried search “rank of ulzzang” in google. …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Emo Tomboy: Maria 5

Ulzzang Emo Tomboy 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Thanks for reading this post. In this chance I’ll give you name list and profile of Ulzzang Emo Tomboy. Ulzzang + Emo + Tomboy = wtf??? Im sure that you never heard and seen this before. Yeah, …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

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