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[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Da Eun: Da Eun 2

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Da Eun 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Unfortunately, I cant find Da Eun’s profile :( So forgive me okay :) Bcoz, her bio maybe privacy.   Cutee >< Wow, she likes an angel :D She’s adorable :D Hello baby kitty~ :3 Cutteeee >< Gorgeous …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Annyeong! / bow / naneun zhel imnida / winkeu ;): BAE8hayCcAEn7sz

Annyeong! / bow / naneun zhel imnida / winkeu ;) 

Annyeong^^ bow~ bow~ zhel imnida ne :) born on 15 nov 1997 :) 15yo yeoja live in indonesia :) Modeling<3 Acting<3 Dancing<3 they are my soul :) ha~ Vote me ne :) I will give you a free hug if …

1 year ago by zhel woo

kwon eun woo: Photo On 2013 12 14 At 17.59 Meitu 3

kwon eun woo 

i’m happy go lucky, i love sweets and narwhals and unicorns. I spend my time mostly on the laptop playing mmorpg game and sometimes skateboarding in my neighbourhood c: My hobbies are: dancing, eating, cosplaying and sleeping hrrmm i dont …

1 year ago by elsa kim

Photo By Agung ‘EunKyo’: Vjxpressmc1531

Photo By Agung ‘EunKyo’ 

annyeong ^^ mian me ↳My name is: Agung Setiawan Reyhan ↳Japanese name: Tamafume Sakiyurai ↳Korean Name: Shikaku Chao Kyo …. Used to be called (Eun Kyo) ↳live in: Indralaya / Palembang ↳I’m ordinary man with extraordinary life :) ↳Only have …

1 year ago by Agung 'Eun Kyo'

13 Ulzzang Boys Rank (Ulzzang ShiDae): Gwak Min Jun

13 Ulzzang Boys Rank (Ulzzang ShiDae) 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Now, I wanna share about ulzzang rank again. Last time, I’ve posted about Ulzzang rank too, but it’s for Ulzzang Girls. Here is if you want to see Ulzzang Girls rank. Then, lets comeback to Ulzzang Boys …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae): Kim Da Hyun

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae) 

13 Ulzzang Girls Rank (Ulzzang Shidae). Hi Ulzzang Lovers! I wanna share you about Rank Of Ulzzang. “Rank Of Ulzzang”? Do ulzzangs have their own rank? No, it just my opinion hehe. I tried search “rank of ulzzang” in google. …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Jung Yoo Geun: Yoogeun 8

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Jung Yoo Geun 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! You must be know this Ulzzang right? Maybe he’s famous kids in Korea, Why? bcoz he ever be guest stars with korean Boyband SHINee in variety show called ” Hello Baby “. Name: Jung Yoo Geun (정유근) Birthday: …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Best 3 Ulzzang Tomboy: Park Young Hee 4

Best 3 Ulzzang Tomboy 

  Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Now, I wanna share to you all about another ‘types’ of Ulzzang. For now, lets see Best Ulzzang Tomboy. Before we go to the point of this post, I wanna ask, do you know Tomboy? If …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang List Name (including Ulzzang Kids) 

CLICK CTRL+F and type in name for faster searching ::Ulzzang Cyworlds:: *Alternate Spelling/Real Name/Nickname In Parentheses >Ulzzangs Turned Celebs /Ulzzangs Who’s Been Featured In MVs/CFs/TV Dramas/Movies/Etc. If you cant find your fav Ulzzang, maybe he/she’s doesnt have personal web adress.  …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids List Name: Ulzzang Kids Eyes

Ulzzang Kids List Name 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! If you wondering who are Ulzzang Kids in Korea, I’ll give you the list name. So, here are: Enzo Recipon : French/Korean Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle: American/Korean Lauren Hannah Lunde : Canadian/Korean Yoon Dayoung : Vietnamese/Korean Aleyna Yilmaz : Turkish/Korean Ilayda Yilmaz : …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

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