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[Ulzzang Kids] Lincoln Paul Lambert Doing ‘Gwiyomi’: Lincoln 3

[Ulzzang Kids] Lincoln Paul Lambert Doing ‘Gwiyomi’ 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I pretty sure that you all guys already know about ‘Gwiyomi’. Gwiyomi or Kiyomi is a cute song from Hari, that song is dedicated to people wo have cute face. And that song has cute movement at the reff. …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lincoln Paul Lambert: Lincoln 12

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lincoln Paul Lambert 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I just wanna give you information about Lincoln’s profile. So, Lets Start ^^ Name: Lincoln Paul Lambert (링컨 폴 램버트) Age: 2011 year, 5 years old Dad: American Mom: Koreans mixed blood Koreans – U.S. takeover kid …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Photos] Ulzzang Kids with KPOP Artists: Mason And After School

[Photos] Ulzzang Kids with KPOP Artists 

Hey UlzzangZoners..! Today, ulzzangzone shares you some pics of Ulzzang Kids. Who are they? Lincoln Paul Lambert, Mason Moon and Park Min Ha. They’re so cute right? I’m sure, you will like these photos. Ulzzang Kids with KPOP Artist Photos. …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids List Name: Ulzzang Kids Eyes

Ulzzang Kids List Name 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! If you wondering who are Ulzzang Kids in Korea, I’ll give you the list name. So, here are: Enzo Recipon : French/Korean Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle: American/Korean Lauren Hannah Lunde : Canadian/Korean Yoon Dayoung : Vietnamese/Korean Aleyna Yilmaz : Turkish/Korean Ilayda Yilmaz : …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

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