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5 Ulzzang Kids Girls Rank: Lisa And Naomi Lang 3

5 Ulzzang Kids Girls Rank 

Hello Ulzzang Lovers! Okay, so I wanna post another rank of ulzzang. I ever posted 13 Ulzzang Shidae Girls Rank and 13 Ulzzang Shidae Boys Rank. And now it’s time to make rank for ulzzang kids. As usual, you guys …

12 months ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids: Girl: Lauren Lunde 3

Ulzzang Kids: Girl 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I wanna review and the next article about Ulzzang Kids. Yesterday, I have written about Ulzzang Kids “Boy”. And now, I wanna post about Ulzzang Kids “Girl”. So, did you remember what Ulzzang means? Ulzzang means “best …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Barbie: Wang Jiayun No Makeup

Ulzzang Barbie 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! So now, I’ll tell you information about another Ulzzang type (?). Type? Haha yeah, I called it ‘type’ because, so many types of Ulzzang faces. Let me mention it, hmm like Western Ulzzang, Latin Ulzzang, Ulzzang Kids …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang List Name (including Ulzzang Kids) 

CLICK CTRL+F and type in name for faster searching ::Ulzzang Cyworlds:: *Alternate Spelling/Real Name/Nickname In Parentheses >Ulzzangs Turned Celebs /Ulzzangs Who’s Been Featured In MVs/CFs/TV Dramas/Movies/Etc. If you cant find your fav Ulzzang, maybe he/she’s doesnt have personal web adress.  …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids List Name: Ulzzang Kids Eyes

Ulzzang Kids List Name 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! If you wondering who are Ulzzang Kids in Korea, I’ll give you the list name. So, here are: Enzo Recipon : French/Korean Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle: American/Korean Lauren Hannah Lunde : Canadian/Korean Yoon Dayoung : Vietnamese/Korean Aleyna Yilmaz : Turkish/Korean Ilayda Yilmaz : …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lisa Lang & Naomi Lang: Lisa & Naomi

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lisa Lang & Naomi Lang 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! Now, I wanna share about this Ulzzang Kids Twins. They’re Lisa Lang And Naomi Lang. Btw, I dont know who is Lisa and who is Naomi. They’re look alike >< haha Name: Naomi Lang and Lisa Lang …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Sage: Sage 3

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Sage 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Unfortunately, I cant find Sage’s profile :( So forgive me okay :) Bcoz, her bio maybe privacy. She’s blastered, but I cant find what region she mixed of. Sorry :( He’s Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle and Sage ^^ She’s …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Da Eun: Da Eun 2

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Da Eun 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Unfortunately, I cant find Da Eun’s profile :( So forgive me okay :) Bcoz, her bio maybe privacy.   Cutee >< Wow, she likes an angel :D She’s adorable :D Hello baby kitty~ :3 Cutteeee >< Gorgeous …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lincoln Paul Lambert: Lincoln 1

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Lincoln Paul Lambert 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I just wanna give you information about Lincoln’s profile. So, Lets Start ^^ Name: Lincoln Paul Lambert (링컨 폴 램버트) Age: 2011 year, 5 years old Dad: American Mom: Koreans mixed blood Koreans – U.S. takeover kid …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Amaia Fernandez Lee: Amaia 3

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Amaia Fernandez Lee 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Comeback again with me, I’ll give you bio and photos collection about Amaia Fernandez Lee. You must be know her, right? Okay, So lets start! She’s Christina Fernandez Lee‘s lil sister :D   Name: Amaia Fernandez Lee …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

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