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[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Oh Han Bin: Hanbin 9

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Oh Han Bin 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! Same with the last post, still stay to giving you Ulzzang Kids Profile. Then, this profile goes to Oh Han Bin / Jacob Felham. So, Lets see. Name:Jacob Felham/Oh Han Bin Half korean Australian Birth: 2006.02.04 Sorry, …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang List Name (including Ulzzang Kids) 

CLICK CTRL+F and type in name for faster searching ::Ulzzang Cyworlds:: *Alternate Spelling/Real Name/Nickname In Parentheses >Ulzzangs Turned Celebs /Ulzzangs Who’s Been Featured In MVs/CFs/TV Dramas/Movies/Etc. If you cant find your fav Ulzzang, maybe he/she’s doesnt have personal web adress.  …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids List Name: Ulzzang Kids Eyes

Ulzzang Kids List Name 

Hi Ulzzang Lovers! If you wondering who are Ulzzang Kids in Korea, I’ll give you the list name. So, here are: Enzo Recipon : French/Korean Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle: American/Korean Lauren Hannah Lunde : Canadian/Korean Yoon Dayoung : Vietnamese/Korean Aleyna Yilmaz : Turkish/Korean Ilayda Yilmaz : …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Moon Bin: Moon 11

[Ulzzang Kids Profile] Moon Bin 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! Yesterday I’ve posted about Jin Song Arvidson‘s profile. Then, now I’ll post about Moon Bin profile ^^. So, enjoy here yaa :) Moon Bin Profile Name: Moon Bin Bday: 26/1/1998 Age: 14 Height: 132 cm Weight: 29 …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Ulzzang Kids Couple: Oh Hanbin

Ulzzang Kids Couple 

Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! Yesterday, I’ve posted about Ulzzang Couple (the adults), then now I’ll posting about Ulzzang Kids Couple. Kids Couple? Kids have couples? Haha, sounds funny right! We only know that love is for adult people. But not for …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

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