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Ulzzang with Colorful Hair: Park Hyung Seok 4

Ulzzang with Colorful Hair 

Hi Ulzzang Zone, now I wanna share about Ulzzang surely. But, this post is focused about Ulzzang Hair esp Hair Color. Ofc, ulzzang must have wonderful hair with cute and brave color. Hmmm, for girls hair is the most important …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Must Have Accessories for Ulzzang: Nail Art

Must Have Accessories for Ulzzang 

Korean style is identical with so many accessories to be put on. Ulzzang, who is part of Korean style, also wear some accessories. And these are some accessories which can support us to become Ulzzang. Here they are! Circle Lens …

12 months ago by choir

Popular Ulzzang Haircuts with matching Fashion: Straight Hair

Popular Ulzzang Haircuts with matching Fashion 

Hello UlzzangLovers! Now, I wanna share something to you guys about Ulzzang haircuts with suitable fashion for matching the hair. So, first except a good and cute hair, you must pay attention for your fashion style too. Cause, some people …

1 year ago by Elsa Kim

Feizl: 181706 136972473036305 100001706608738 229663 6191075 N


Hello guys ! ^^ I’ll tell u about “FEIZL” Feizl is Chinese ulzzang, or some people say it is the chinese emo style. But more of them thinks they are ulzzangs too, and I think they’re same with Gyaru. Feizls, …

1 year ago by emilynpark

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