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Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I just wanna give you information about Lincoln’s profile. So, Lets Start ^^

Name: Lincoln Paul Lambert (링컨 폴 램버트)
Age: 2011 year, 5 years old
Dad: American Mom: Koreans mixed blood Koreans – U.S. takeover kid ^ ^
Broadcasting career: tvn Real Kids Story Rainbow.

He’s so cute!! I swear! Yesterday, I browsed in youtube with “Real Kids Story, Rainbow” keyword. Then, he was on it >< Haha I remembered that when the host ordered him to choose one of those cloths, guess what? He picked girl cloth >< Haha. Then, he fight with two other girls that pick the same cloth with him. haha!! :D

Look, he’s cuteeee ><

Now, he’s cool :D

His eyes >< big big o.o

Haha, cute hair :D



Like like like ><

Lincoln Paul Lambert <3

He likes to say “Annyeong AINGGGG” *like cat’s sound.
haha, cutee ><

He says “AINGGG” haha

Peaceee :3

Haha, cute cloth :p


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  • http://www.facebook.com/ana.zozo.754 Ana Zozo

    who she !!!?

    • http://ulzzangzone.com elsa kim

      she’s korean ulzzang kid..
      and she appeared in “the story rainbow kids” reality show for ulzzang kid..


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