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Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! Yesterday I’ve posted about Jin Song Arvidson‘s profile. Then, now I’ll post about Moon Bin profile ^^. So, enjoy here yaa :)

Moon Bin Profile

Name: Moon Bin
Bday: 26/1/1998
Age: 14
Height: 132 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Family: Father, Mother & lil sis (Moonwoo) [Seoul]
Entertainment co.: Kids Planet
Race: 100% Korean.

Yeah, finally I found original Korean Ulzzang Kids. Hahaha.
Ulzzang Kids usually dominated by blastered people :D

Moon Bin Photos

Look, he likes Kim Bum right? ><

He’s Kimbum generation ;D

He’s not only cool, but also so cute…

I think, I like him! haha
Helloooww, he is only one year younger than me. So, why not ? Is it okayy? :p

Coolllll ><

Like his eyes :3

Kyaaaa!!! You’re coool cool coolll.. >< Im your fan now! >< *scream*

Ohh God!! Im meltingggg >< 

Moon Bin and Yunho TVXQ. Do you know, Moon Bin is known as Mini Yunho.

His eyes ><

Oh my god, his smile >< 

I most like this pic :)

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  • Uljjang

    Sometimes the face shape looks quite different because the hair is tied up. I’d say that i like Kang Hyuk Min and Park Tae Jun. They look the same without makeup it’s just the angle and the fact that their hair is up.


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