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Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Ulzzang Kids? I guess you just know Ulzzang adults only. But actually, there’s Ulzzang Kids too. But, Ulzzang Kids is not enough famous. So, I’ll tell you about anyone who belongs to the Ulzzang Kids. If you wanna see Ulzzang without make up, or without Circle Lens, you can see Ulzzang Kids. Why? Bcoz, whose name the children is natural, not like adults Ulzzang who wear heavy make up like Circle Lens, Eyeliner, Mascara, etc.

There’s too much Ulzzang Kids, but I’ll posting  some of Ulzzang Kids in first part. The second part or more, I’ll post later.

Ok, lets starting from Ulzzang Kids “Boy”:

1. Danny (Daniel Hyuno Lachapelle)

Daniel had lived a relatively normal life for a seven year-old—no tragedy, no sadness, just pure, innocent bliss. He was like any other seven year-old, but with a bit more insight that made him seem beyond his seven years of age at times. He certainly surprised people with a word or two of wisdom, before bouncing around demanding food and play time. He’s blastrian “American-Korean”

  • Name: Daniel Hyuno Lachapelle
  • Birthdate: 2006.07.02
  • Korean Kid Model known as “Baby Nichkhun 2pM” *because his face look alike Nichkhun*
  • Father: American
  • Mother: Korean
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Height: 95cm

he has gorgeous eyes ><

2. Mason Moon

He’s blastrian too. And he is korean actor.

  • Name: Moon Mason
  • Birth date: 2007/ 03 / 21
  • Blood Type : O
  • Family : His father is Canadian and his mother is Korean so he’s mixed !
  • Occupation : Kid model and actor

Carreer :
- He played in the movie ‘Baby and Me’ with Jang Geun Suk.
- He’s the MC of the korean TV program ‘Good Daddy’ which features korean well-known entertainers such as Lee Honggi, Kim Heechul and Kim Gunmo.

3. Dennis Kane

Name: Kane Dennis

Date of Birth: February 6, 2008

Height, Weight: 108cm, 18kg

Family: Dad, Mom, and Kane

Lives: Bucheon
Race: American/Korean

he’s so damn cool!

he’ll be hot when he grows up!

4. Jung Yoo Geun

Maybe he’s famous kids in Korea, Why? bcoz he ever be guest stars with korean Boyband SHINee in variety show called ” Hello Baby “.

  • Name: Jung Yoo Geun (정유근)
  • Birthday: 25 October 2007
  • Likes: Power Ranger, Crayon Shi-Chan (짱구)

5. Leo William Recipon

  •  He’s French-Korean, so he’s mix.
  • Korea Name: resipong Leo / Shin Eun-soo
  • Date of Birth: 09/07/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, weight: 99cm / 17kg

cutee ><

6. Kim Inhwan

He called as Mini Junsu in variety show “Starking”, coz his face look alike Junsu TVXQ!

  • Name: Kim Inhwan
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Birthdate: 2/11/2002
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 107cm
  • Weight: 17kg


So, who is Ulzzang Kids you like most? ^^

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  • Firdha

    yang gyu bin should have higher rank
    if this is an Ulzzang Popularity Rank, its okay if he is on 12th.

  • Masel Danatha

    Kwak Min Jun,Park Tae Jun.Lee Chi Hoon,Lee Do Hyeong they is my favorite Ullzang Korea

  • jessie delos reyes

    Lee Chi Hoon is the best ,, :)

  • Eleasha

    Park Tae Jun, Lee Chi Hoon and Park Ji Ho are my favorites……..

    they are super handsome<3

  • Lea Fernandez

    other than that who is the other ulzzang male ??

  • Lea Fernandez

    who is the other ulzzang male ?? or this is the all list of ulzzang male ??

  • LyhanJJ20

    Park Tae Jun & Lee Chi Hoon


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