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Hi Ulzzang Zone, now I wanna share about Ulzzang surely. But, this post is focused about Ulzzang Hair esp Hair Color. Ofc, ulzzang must have wonderful hair with cute and brave color. Hmmm, for girls hair is the most important to support their style. So, these ulzzang are have cute colored hair and so fresh with those colors. ^^

1. Park Hyung Seok

What do you think about him? He’s handsome and cute, right? He’s my favorite one ^^ hehe. Park Hyung Seok always dye his hair, you can check him out at google images. But, this blue color is the most my favorite. The color makes him look gentle and handsome, also make him being younger and match with his fashion style.

2. Lee Geum Hee

What do you think about girl? She’s adorable with that purple hair, right? Looks so girly, cute, baby face, and many more. I like her hairstyle too, Wavy Long Hair ^^If you know her name, comment on this post okay ^^

So far, I just found those people. If you have any suggest for Ulzzang with Colorful hair, comment on this post, I’ll search your suggest people. I just give my best :) xoxo

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  • http://twitter.com/ImillaI Milla ♔

    I believe the unknown girl is Lee Geum Hee

  • nataliesa

    OK, we edited this post. Change “Unknown Girl” to “Lee Geum Hee”. Thanks to Mary and Mila :)

  • yoo yooo

    that girl is not lee guem hee


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