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Hi Ulzzang Lovers! Thanks for reading this post. In this chance I’ll give you name list and profile of Ulzzang Emo Tomboy. Ulzzang + Emo + Tomboy = wtf??? Im sure that you never heard and seen this before. Yeah, me too. But, Im looking for a new innovation in Ulzzang Mode. Then this is result, I wanna post something about them. Before that, I’ll give you what means of Ulzzang, Emo, and Tomboy.

Ulzzang first, Ulzzang, or sometimes Uljjang, is a popular term used by South Koreans when describing people who have good looks. The term literally means “best face” in Korean. The term became so popular that people in Korea have contests for the best “ulzzangs” or people with the best faces. Some also reach celebrity status due to its wide popularity on the web.

Then Emo, “Emo” also differentiated itself from the alternative rock and grudge scene with the trademark “emo look”. Many of Emo band members popularized the use of heavy eye makeup and a clean and more metrosexual look. This was copied by the fans and followers of these bands and eventually became a standard “emo get-up”. The “emo look” is another way of distancing the genre from the typical laid-back and dirtier “grunge rock look”.

The last is Tomboy, Tomboys can be of any age. The term usually refers to someone of the female gender who enjoys participating in typically male gender activities. It can range from cars to canoeing, and everything ‘typically’ male in our society. Tomboys are not only capable of easily navigating in a man’s world, but they can also be feminine and sexy when they desire to be.


These people have the same characteristics with the definition above. Wanna know who they are? Ok, Lets see!!


1. Allan


Doesnt look like a girl anymore! Miracle of Tomboy ._.

I like this one, she looks cute.

2. Artha Kiim

He’s the real ulzzang emo tomboy. *thumbsup 

  • Name : Kiim Kaze Than
  • Birthdate : 07-10-93′
  • Age : 19y.o
  • Country : Indonesia
  • City : Bandar Lampung
  • Link (fb, twitter, skype, blog, etc.) :
  • Fb : http://m.facebook.com/artha.kamiikaze?refid=17
  • Twitter : @Kiim_Cheun
  • Skype : Kiim.Cheun


I like this one. Hehe

How cool she is!

A little bit look alike a girl :3

3. Dandy

Cuteee ><

I like the hair colour.

4. Maria Ziglio

She’s the real EMO too, She ROCKS!!

Cool Make Up!!!
I like her style hehe..
Then, those all people who I called Ulzzang Emo Tomboy. What is Tomboy you like?

ulzzang hair tutorial ulzzang makeup ulzzang red hair

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