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Hi, Ulzzang Lovers! I wanna review and the next article about Ulzzang Kids. Yesterday, I have written about Ulzzang Kids “Boy”. And now, I wanna post about Ulzzang Kids “Girl”. So, did you remember what Ulzzang means? Ulzzang means “best face” or “good looking”. People who called as Ulzzang, they get that degree by everyone who say that the people look alike Ulzzang’s characteristic. Then, same with Ulzzang Kids. They popular by their photos in Internet, then everyone who look at their pictures, definetely say “Aww, she/he is cute. She/he look like Ulzzang”. Always so, first time I saw Ulzzang pictures, I said the same like netizens said. Ok, Lets start for review Ulzzang Kids: Girl now. Check this out!

1. Amaia Fernandez Lee

  • Name: Amaia Fernandez Lee
  • Date of Birth: 29/12/09
  • Gender: Female
  • Height / Weight: 87cm/13kg
  • Sibiling: Cristina Fernandez Lee


  • Starring jewelry Bibimbap
  • Studio publicity shooying
  • Bambiel mall shooting
  • Dodam Dodam mall shooting
  • Bebe Pure mall shooting
  • Holiday shopping mall shooting
  • Monm and enfant shooting
  • Best Baby photoshoot
  • Contractor books model shooting

Her father is Spanish and her mother is Korean. She has sister “Christina Fernandez Lee” she’s ulzzang kids too.

She has gorgeous hair. Hehe

2. Christina Fernandez Lee

  • Name: Cristina Fernandez Lee
  • Profecion: Kid Ulzzang
  • Date of Birth : September 27, 2005
  • Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
  • Siblings sister: Amaia Fernandez Lee

Her father is Spanish and her mother Korean.
She has a younger sister named Amaia Fernandez Lee.
Bears some resemblance to Det-ara SoYeon.
bears some resemblance to  Kim Soo Hyun.
Her first language is Korean but she speaks fluent Spanish and English.
The Real Kids Story Rainbow Program falls for fellow Do Youn.
The first kiss she gave Daniel (partner in the program).
She likes to give kisses.

 She has beautiful smile.

She is prettier than any princess in this world!

3. Aleyna Yilmaz

  • Name: Aleyna Yilmaz
  • Birthdate: November 14th 2006
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Nationality: Turkish-Korean


- She is an Ulzzang and Model too
- Appeared in Park Bom’s MV – You and I
- Did a CF with Joo Jin Mo
- She look alike Lee Min Jung
- Is a cast in Real Story Rainbow Kids
- Was named “Flower Child Of Korea” along Mason Moon and Kim Soo Jung

I like her hair.

Look at her smile.

4. Lauren Hanna Lunde

  • English Name : Lauren Hanna Lunde
  • Korean Name : Lauren Hanna (로렌)
  • Birthday : May 16, 2008
  • Gender : Girl
  • Height & Weight : 102 cm & 15 kg
  • Blood Type : A
  • Family : Dad ( Canadian) & Mom (Korean) and Lauren

-She isn’t picky when it comes to food.
-When she misses MBLAQ, she asks her dad to play Hello Baby again on youtube or any related Mblaq videos.
-Lauren has been to Thailand, Malaysia, Hawaii, Philippines and Canada.
-Lauren is close with her canadian cousins and grandad.
-Lauren likes seeing drawing of her. Especially with MBLAQ.
-She also enjoys making up …

Cute girl!

lauren lunde sibling ulzzang kids ulzzangzone

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  • jaisu san

    lee hee jung saranghe ^^ <3 your boyfriend ^^

  • Firdha

    mian, but lee hee jung photo that u post is lee soo bin’s pict

  • Luna

    menurut ku sih, Lee Soo Bin yg ada tahi lalat nya di hidung.
    kalo Lee Hee Jung yg gak ada, terus bibir nya lebih tebel dari pada Soo Bin.


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